Q. When will my prints be returned?

A. All Prints, will be returned ASAP after the Exhibition at Smethwick depending on return method..

Q. When will I get my catalogue and Awards?

A. Catalogues can be picked up at Wayfares Arcade, just ask the member of the     Group.Awards can also be picked up by arrangement.

Q. Can I enter images into the triptych that have been accepted before?

A. The Terms & Conditions stay that no, prints can be re-entered once thy have been accepted in the previous SRGB exhibitions.

Q. Where do I hand in at Warwick PAGB Championship?

A. Collection will be before the Competition Starts in the Main Entrance Hall

Q.I don’t have PAYPAL –  how do I pay?

A.  Email me and I’ll send you instructions

Q.I can’t upload images or don’t have pdi’s

A. Don’t worry, when your images are needed I’ll be in touch

Q. My pdi’s are not the right size – Warning Message.

A. Don’t worry, They are for the catalogue and webpage, if they’re incorrect I’ll be in touch

Q. Can I enter Darkroom Prints but have no pdi’s ?

A.  We’d love to see some Darkroom prints in the Exhibition, Which permission we can    scan the images to create pdi’s

Q.What size paper for unmounted prints

A. Standard Sizes A4 or A3 please don’t print on A3+ 

Q. Are unmounted Prints on Display at the Exhibition ?

A. Yes, all accepted unmounted prints are displayed in an Album at the exhibition.

Q.Does the triptych need to be all on one sheet/ Mount board

A. yes – sizes above.

Q. Do Mounted prints have to be on Traditional mount board?

A. Using Traditional  mount board is preferred. Less chance of damage and the Exhibition hanging system is designed the hold Traditional Mounts – Foam Board may not fit the hanging system but the choice is yours.

Q.Can I share a box to save postage and how do you know it’s shared?

A1. Postage for shred box is part of the entry process

A2. Everyone gets a entry Number this is put on the outside of the box when it’s checked.


Q. When is the Closing Date?

A. Closing Date midnight 16th July  2017