Step Out the Box

Creative, Imaginative or Surreal Images

They should tell a story or provoke an emotional response.

A little more than just applying a filter.

 Al Buntin ARPS MPAGB  Queen Of Hearts  Certificate
 Al Buntin ARPS MPAGB  Angels  Certificate
 Al Buntin ARPS MPAGB  Lets Run Off To The Circus  Award-Jill
 Al Buntin ARPS MPAGB  The Bell Tower
 Barbie Lindsay MPAGB FBPE EFIAP s  Gone With The Wind
 Brian Beaney FRPS BPE2  Parking Up The Wong Tree  Gold Medal
 Brian Beaney FRPS BPE2  Dawn  Unseen By The Fallen  Ribbon
 Brian Beaney FRPS BPE2  Twisted Ivy Judges Award -Richard Spiers
 Dick Prior  Demented Photographer  Ribbon
 Dick Prior  Object Of Desire
 Dick Prior  3 More Points
 Gareth Jenkins ARPS DPAGB  On The Beat  Award – Gordon
 Gareth Jenkins ARPS DPAGB  Jack
 Gareth Jenkins ARPS DPAGB  Waiting For The Train
 Gary Parker CPAGB  Feathered Fantasy
 Hazel Manning LRPS BPE2  Four Square  Silver Medal
 Hazel Manning LRPS BPE2  Fairy Tale Dreaming
 Jacqui Jay Grafton ARPS  Keeping An Eye On The Weather
 Len Claydon LRPS CPGAB BPE1  Red Ribbons
 Les Auld CPAGB BPE2  The Quickening  Certificate
 Libby Smith MPAGB EFIAP  A Dog\ S Life  Certificate
 Libby Smith MPAGB EFIAP  Your Move  Award – Noel
 Libby Smith MPAGB EFIAP  Waiting  Award -Bernard
 Libby Smith MPAGB EFIAP  Passing The Twisted Tree
 Pat Parker  Shadows
 Peter Eaton CPAGB BPE1  Free Spirits
 Ross McKelvey MPAGB AFIAP BPE3  Under The Weather  Judges Award -Rikki O Neill
 Ross McKelvey MPAGB AFIAP BPE3  Out Of The Blue
 Steven Le Prevost FRPS AFIAP MPAGB  Escape  Bronze Medal
 Steven Le Prevost FRPS AFIAP MPAGB  The Goose

The Entrants details have been taken from the Entry Process, let me know if there are any typo’s