Creatures of the World

This Section includes any creature in any setting that lives on our planet.

excludes Humanity

 Andy Gutteridge AFIAP BPE2  The First Bend  Certificate
 Thumbs Up
Barbie Lindsay MPAGB FBPE EFIAP s  Wasp Spider
 Bob Devine  Hoopoe With Lizard
 Secretary Bird Strikes Hare
 Mating Lions 13
 Brian Beaney FRPS BPE2  Lost And Lonely  Bronze Medal
 Brian Goad  Horses At Sutton  Certificate
 Brown Hare
 Evening Hunt
 Dave Griffiths  European Brown Hare
Dave McKay ARPS DPAGB BPE3  The Chase
 Zebra Conflict
 Dick Prior  Post Ahead  Certificate
 Sunflies Heliophulus Pendula  Award -Mike
 Andean Condor
 Emyr Roberts APAGB  Hemmed In  Silver Medal
 Let Sleeping Roos Lie  Ribbon
 Bliss  Certificate
 Gary Parker CPAGB  Tawny Owl
 Gianpiero Ferrari FRPS DPAGB ABPE  Stag Beetle Dispute
 Gordon Bramham MPAGB EFIAP s BPE 4  Crab Spider
 Jacqui Jay Grafton ARPS  Meerkats In The Snow  Gold Medal
 Jo McIntyre DPAGB  Wild Scottish Female Beaver
 Osprey Fishing In Scottish Loch  Award – Mick
 Scottish Osprey
 Lekking Black Grouse
 Ken Ainscow  Razorbill
 Ken Lomas BPE 2  Female Wartbiter Cricket
 Large Banded Grasshopper
Kim Bowen MPAGB EFIAP BPE5  Great Crested Grebe Family  Certificate
Liz Cutting ARPS DPAGB BPE4  Lapwing
Malcolm Ranieri FRPS MPAGB BPE5  Alpaca
Mark Monckton ARPS CPAGB BPE2  Alder Moth
 Nigel Gardner  Nuthatch
 Pamela Carter BPE4  Vapourer Moth Caterpillar
 Orange Tip
 Purple Thorn Moth
 Pat Parker  Cat And Mouse
 Peter Rees BPE 5  Harvested  Ribbon
 Sleeping Dog Award – Terry
 Richard Nicoll  Marsh Harrier Landing
 Reed Warbler Feeding Chicks
 Roger Evans EFIAP DPAGB BPE4  Silver Studded Blues Mating
 Mad Dogs
 Sandy Cleland FRPS AFIAP  Buprestrid Beetle
 Tim Withall EFIAP DPAGB BPE 4  Fiesty Female  Carib Grackle  Award – Colin
 Black-t Skimmer Over Broad-bodied Chaser