The SRGB Photo Group

We are a small group of like minded people that meet in Southport.

  Our ethos is not to take members from other clubs and weaken their orginal club in anyway, the Group simple strengthen the members clubs by critiquing and helping it’s members.We all work together.  We meets twice a month to critique each others work and discuss photography, including inviting speakers to the group.We all  believe in  prints in all their forms.
 To hold a print  of your work is something very special.  In the digital age, people are moving away from prints to the projected image.
We decided to run the BPE to  develop people’s understanding that holding a print is the final stage in any photograph.
 If we don’t print our images we could loose a generation of photography.
 We are Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the The Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union.
 When entering a Print BPE  you’re competing against hundreds of images but entering a PDI exhibition you’re competing against thousands of images.
We’ve had several enquiries about membership to the SRGB Photo Group. We have a small meeting room and therefore limited to numbers who can attend the group.

There is a Waiting List to join the group at the moment.