Sharing a Box

Every Entrant 

  • All the entrants need to Register or Login
  • Enter their Titles in the selected Theme &
  • Upload you psi to match your images please.
  • Print out your Barcode Labels (for the back of the Prints) 
  • Print out Entry Sheets, put this in the Box with your Prints.

Main Box Owner

  • Where the package is to be returned to ,return option please,
  • follow the entry process from here.
  • Label the outside of the box with entrants names of work in the box.

Shared Box Entrants 

  • Shared Box select –  15p a print option  from the  menu, and pay their entry fee 
  • Put all the prints in the box with your sheets with the box owners.
  • Label the front of the Box ‘Return by ……..” return option
  • The box will then be returned  to the named address.