Entry Informantion

 Themes 2017 

NEW – Anything Goes (open)  

Creatures of the World – Environment – Humanity 

NEW – Triptych

Print size – Unmounted A4 or A3   Mounted 50×40 mount only

The first 4 prints – Minimum entry £8.00 with an additional 1.50 per print.

Exhibition Check List 

  • List of Sections & Print Titles – max 4 per theme
  • Labels
  • Files to match your Images
  • no black backgrounds please. – 1400 px longest side size 1MB

Please, Use correct lettering

as it goes into the catalogue/award/certificates as you enter it.

  • ‘Enter Competition‘ button and this will take you to the main ‘Competition Entry Page’.To add an image title to your entry and upload you pdi’s  for catalogue use. Select an image category, and enter your image title before pressing ‘Add To Entry’.
  • eg. Humanity     The Girl with the Green Earring   please use appropriate capitals
  • After you have added an individual entry, you will see adjacent to the the entry a button marked ‘Upload a file’.  Please, just upload the image – no background as they’re for the catalogue. Longest side 1400px.
  • You can either click this button to select an image to upload against the entry, or you can drag an image from your desktop, onto the button. You will see a progress, followed by the ‘Uploaded’ status changing to ‘Yes’.
  • After you have uploaded your digital versions, you can press ‘Check/View PDI Entry’ to check that the system has accepted them
  • If your images don’t upload – try later when it’s not peak time, it will depend on your Internet Speed at the time of your entry or contact me for a link to Dropbox

Entry Completed -Titles and pdi

Returns Choice, This is an important step in your entry.

  • Postage will be added Return by Post
  • Postage – Costs  – £5.00 a box + 15p per print
  • if you’re sharing don’t forget to add your 15p per print. postage
  • or select – sharing a box – as you need to pay 15p a print as part of your return postage.Please write a list of entrants in your box on the outside of the box
  • Add to the box – print- return instructions – Collect from ….. etc.

Payment is now Due via Paypal. 

Thank you taking the time to read the instructions they’re important.

  • The Barcode are part of the entry process – can be printed at various stages
  • The Barcodes are to identify your prints and they carry all the info about the print.
  • Labels to print your barcodes you can use either size label.
  • you need a complete barcode for each print
  • please don’t split your barcode/label
  • Make sure it’s not set to fit to paper
  • Please put your barcode stickers on the back of your print top right




Crisp and Clean Barcode

This identifies individual prints

Blurred or missing elements

Please, reprint on a finer print setting

or different sticker sheet


Don’t forget, print your Prints Included Report twice, please and put in your box as this give you your Entry Numbers- print one for your records.

Good Luck with your entry – every entry receives a full colour catalogue