Theme Rules

All sections can include Colour, Mono, Digitally enhanced and Creative images.

All images entered must be photographed & manipulated by the person who enters the exhibition.Any images that have been downloaded from the internet or other source or have imported textures or images that you have not taken by the entrant will be disqualified by the SRGB Committee.

All Themes –

Colour or Mono – Creative images encouraged

Wet prints are included in this section.

Anything Goes – There is open subject.


Any subject any – the new home for Still Life



Creatures of The World

All the Creatures that live on this planet in any setting.

Humanity is not allowed in this section.

It includes

  • birds
  • animals
  • pets
  • reptiles
  • captive animals,
  • mini beasts,
  • creatures of the sea
  • any living thing –  when the image was taken

Toys, models,drawing etc. of creatures are NOT allowed in the Theme

 Please put flowers or fungi into the Environment Section





  • Landscapes,
  • Cityscapes,
  • Seascapes
  • Environmental Issues,
  • Architecture
  • Dereliction
  • Trees & Flowers
  • Fungi
  • Still Life – manipulated
  • Sculpture

People and living things can only be used to enhance the subject you’re portraying.



People in all their environments and creative forms.

  • portraits
  • sports
  • cultures
  • fine art nudes
  • street photography
  • re-enactments
  • theatre
  • dance
  • Goths
  • Photo Journalism



you can enter 4 triptych panels – each panel should be displayed on one

mount board 50 x40 cm – the Panels can be on any subject.


Members Section

SRGB members are Judged in their own Section and receive Awards in they section only.

The print are marked in the section and any the reach the acceptance mark are then put forward for SRGB Members awards and the Exhibition.